Why are 2 photographers are better than 1

Welcome back to our “Hints & Tips Blog”! In this issue, we’re diving into the topic of why having two photographers is better than one and why it’s essential to have a dedicated videographer. Let’s explore further.

Many couples wonder about the role of a second shooter and why it’s beneficial to have one. A second shooter is an additional experienced photographer who collaborates with the lead photographer to capture various angles, moments, and happenings throughout your wedding day. They ensure that no precious moment goes unnoticed or unrecorded. Equipped with professional-grade gear, the second shooter complements the lead photographer’s style and ensures consistency in capturing the day’s events.

As a professional photographer, I firmly believe in the importance of having a second shooter whenever possible. It guarantees that couples receive comprehensive coverage and a richer experience on their special day, as no moment is left uncaptured.

When booking a videographer through your photographer, it’s crucial to ensure that it doesn’t impact your photography package. Some photography teams may split up, with one photographer covering both photo and video, resulting in reduced photography coverage. This means you may only receive one photographer instead of the two you’ve paid for, compromising the advantages of having two photographers.

So, before making a decision, consider whether you want to pay for two photographers but receive the coverage of only one. The benefits of having two photographers, as explained above, are significant and worth considering.

Now, let’s talk about us. Bridget joined me over 7 years ago as my second shooter and assistant, and together, we’ve become a formidable team. With over 700 weddings under our belts, she’s evolved into a co-lead photographer rather than just an assistant. Our shared experience and understanding allow us to seamlessly capture the day’s events from different perspectives, enriching the final collection of images.

We both started our photography journeys separately, acquiring different skills along the way. This means that Bridget didn’t need to be taught the basics, allowing us to focus on pushing each other to learn and grow continuously. As photography enthusiasts, we’re always eager to explore new techniques and improve our craft.

In addition to weddings, we also cover various genres, including christenings, newborn, family, and corporate photography.

When you book our videography package, you’ll receive a professional videographer, completing our terrific trio. You won’t get a diluted photography team—instead, you’ll have the A-TEAM working side by side to capture every moment of your day.

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