Why are 2 photographers are better than 1

Welcome back to our “Hints & Tips Blog” in this issue, we are covering why 2 photographers are better than 1 & why you should always have a dedicated videographer – read on 

Couples often ask what is a second shooter and why do we need one?

  • A second shooter is another experienced photographer who works side by side with the lead photographer on your wedding day to capture different angles, happenings, and moments that may be missed or not able to be captured by the lead photographer.
  • A second shooter should be equipped with professional-grade equipment and matches the lead photographer to ensure everything is consistent, also they should be trained to shoot in the same style as the lead photographer.
  • I strongly believe as a professional photographer where possible I should have a second shooter, I cannot be everywhere to capture the moments as they unfold so this makes sure that my couples get the best coverage and experience on the day.
  • When you book a videographer through your photographer you should always make sure that this does not have an impact on your photography package, some photography teams will split up and cover photo and video between them, this means that your photography package will be depleted as you will only get one photographer instead of two that you have paid for.

So ask yourself do you want to pay for two photographers when you’re only getting one and lose the major advantages that you get with 2 photographers, explained above. So take a moment to think it through before you book.

About Lee Squirrell Photography – Now let’s talk about us, 

  • Bridget joined me over 4, years ago as my second shooter & assistant and over the course of 350+ weddings we have grown into a formidable team, I no longer see her as my assistant but as my co-lead photographer, we know exactly how the other works and see the art of photography through our own eyes which we feel is a real bonus to our couples.
  • We both started out separately,  both learning different skills along the way, meaning I haven’t had to teach her the basics.  We both continue to push each other, to learn new techniques, new shots, in short, were photography geeks who love to talk about and learn new tricks to constantly improve our work.
  • We don’t just shoot weddings, we also run a successful Photography studio in Paphos where we cover all genres of photography including christenings, newborn, child, family, and corporate photography.
  • When booking our videography package you will get a professional videographer added to the dynamic duo making a terrific trio, NOT a diluted photography team!

So when booking Lee Squirrell Photography you get the A-TEAM working side by side capturing more of your day as it unfolds so you don’t miss any of those important moments.  #2isbetterthan1 #3isbetterthan2

Thanks again for reading… in our next Hint and Tips blog we will be covering ……. What equipment do we use and why. 

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