Bride and Groom Paphos Cyprus Wedding

Why book us to be your wedding photographers?

You’ve done your research, you’ve spoken to a number of photographers and now it’s time to make that all-important decision.

Below are 10 reasons why you should put your trust in us and book us as your wedding day photographers.

  1. You love our style and you know that we will capture stunning images that you will cherish forever.
  2. We are fun yet professional photographers and you feel ultra-comfortable and have connected with us and believe we are the right photographers for you.
  3. We are super-efficient and professional, always on hand to answer your messages, calls, or emails. You don’t have to wait 24 / 48 hours for a reply.
  4. Your day will be all about you, we don’t want to be those photographers who want to be center of attention,  we are there to capture your day as it unfolds and will never take over. We always try and be as discreet as possible, sometimes you will even forget that we are there. 
  5. We are photography nerds, Bridget and I aren’t just doing this as a job we do it because our passion is photography, behind the scenes we don’t stop talking about new gear, new techniques, new locations, how we can create something unique for our couples.  We are always pushing ourselves to be better.
  6. We are both professional photographers who have captured over 700 weddings, we both have different styles which only enhances the images we deliver as we both see it differently, neither of us have learnt the job from the other that’s why our styles are different meaning you will get shots from different angles and different perspectives.  We are great friends away from the job but also who love working together, that’s why we are the A-Team.
  7. You don’t want to look unnatural. We have spent time & money learning how to make those posed shoots look so natural and candid, we’ve spent hours learning lighting and body language to help us achieve this. Posing is an art in its self, not all photographers have the ability or skills to pull it off.
  8. It’s not about the gear, but our gear is really good! We both have invested a lot of time and money putting together our wedding day kit.  Although amazing photographs have been captured on cheap consumer cameras, even iPhones, but when your investing money in your wedding photographers they should have really good gear that is designed to cope with the job at hand, here in Cyprus we need the gear to withstand 40-degree heat and of course the dust, the cheap cameras may not be designed to withstand these elements. We both shoot with professional-grade Canon cameras and we always carry 2 main camera bodies each but be assured if one goes down it’s replaced in no time with the spare professional cameras we have in our wedding day kit, same goes with our lenses and other accessories. So we are never without the equipment to capture the day.
  9. You want amazing photos, but you also want some money left over to buy your guests a drink! We completely understand how much a wedding costs so we have put together our packages that provide the best coverage possible at a fantastic price.  Our fantastic prices don’t mean you have to comprise on quality, no matter what we charge our images will always be stunning.
  10. And it’s worth another mention as we believe it’s the most important aspect, YOU LOVE OUR WORK! No matter how lovely, fun or efficient we are you must love our work to want to book us as your wedding day photographers.  Remember you won’t get a second chance, just being nice people don’t mean stunning photos.

So if you still want to book us for one of the most important days of your lives drop us a message or email today and let’s talk.


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Bride and Groom Paphos Cyprus Wedding