How we price our packages.


After capturing hundreds of weddings since 2017 we believe we are experienced enough to know exactly what a high percentage of our clients are looking for in terms of their wedding photography.

So the packages we have are built and designed with these couples in mind, we do also offer a bespoke service, so if you are one of the couples that our packages do not suit then let’s tailor-make that package just for you.

The following explains in more detail what is included in our packages and hopefully you can see how we price them.

All of our packages include the following and we have elaborated in more detail on some of the subjects below. 

  • Pre Wedding Administration
  • Pre Wedding Meetings in person or remotely
  • On the day Photography coverage
  • Travel costs occurred on the wedding day
  • Backup of all images usually takes place on the same day as the wedding
  • 48hr Sneak Peek (delivery of up to 15 photos within 48 hours) 99% of the time this is sent within 24 hours.
  • Culling and Editing
  • Online Image Storage for 12 months
  • Post Wedding Administration
  • VAT at 19% which is included in all of our packages
  • My Side Kick and Second shooter – AKA Bridget.

In addition to the above, our fees also allow us to cover such expenses as photo editing software, culling software, top quality professional equipment ( such as cameras, lighting, memory cards, hard drive storage, computers) servicing of our equipment, equipment & public liability insurance, etc.  This can run into thousands of pounds per year. Please believe us when we say photography is a very expensive business 🙂


You may think our pre-wedding planning may not take time but for most weddings, we will spend at least 2 – 3 hours per wedding, this will include the first point of contact, preparing contracts, and invoices, and sending out questionnaires and our wedding day pack and then the formal group photo list requests.  To help streamline the day and speed the process up for our couples we can spend up to 1 hour prior to the wedding day rearranging the formal group photo list.  We do like to be well prepared and organised so our couples have the best wedding day experience possible.


We always tried to connect with our couples in the lead-up to their wedding this normally takes place either in person when they arrive in Cyprus or if that is not possible due to our schedule we try to arrange a Zoom call, which allows us to run through the day with each client as we know you are all different.


We always try to deliver a small selection of up to 15 images to our couples within 48 hours of their wedding day, this small selection will be selected by us from the photos captured and will tell a short story of the couple’s big day, this will be supplied using our online client galleries and can be shared with friends and family.


Unlike a lot of photographers, I always try to have my trusty sidekick Bridget with me at every wedding.  I have covered this in previous blogs but just a reminder that although Bridget is named as my “2nd Shooter” she is a fully qualified photographer in her own right and represents both Lee Squirrell Photography and her own company “My View”.  Since 2017 we have captured hundreds of weddings together, the cost of having the two of us is covered, so no extra cost is passed on to our clients. For our smaller packages on you may just have one photographer ME!, but I will always try to have an alternative 2nd shooter with me on all full-day wedding packages.


Culling is the process of finding the keepers and discarding the undeliverable images, from what’s captured during your wedding.  We can easily capture between 4000 – 6000 images per full-day wedding, so the culling process can take anywhere between 3 to 4 hours to complete as we review every single image.


Editing wedding photos are no longer just about cropping or straightening an image. Today, wedding photo editing involves colour correction, retouching, spot removal, and many more steps. We as wedding photographers have our own unique editing style and we pride ourselves on taking time to edit every single photo individually, making sure all the deliverable images are to our high standards. Typically on full-day wedding coverage, we will deliver 500 + edited images and this can take us anywhere between 8 – 12 hours to complete.


Once we have edited our couple’s wedding photos it is time to deliver them, we believe our clients deserve the best so we have chosen to use one of the best client online gallery services on the market today, our beautiful client galleries are there for us to deliver our stunning images to our couples and allow them to download in high or low resolution. Our galleries are also easy to use and allow sharing between family and friends. Our galleries are also mobile-friendly, so you can view, share or download them on the move.

Included in all of our packages is 12 months of gallery hosting, after the 12 months we do offer the chance for our couples to extend this at a low cost.

Hopefully what we have covered and have explained in more detail in this blog allows you to understand more about our pricing. Capturing your wedding day is really only 50% of our job, and each wedding can take up to 2 – 3 days of our time in total.  So the price you pay is not just for 1, 4, 8, or 10 hours of coverage. 

Thanks again for reading our blog and as always if anyone has any further questions please ask away.  

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