CANDID PHOTOGRAPHY – the real meaning

I’m getting many couples saying that they want candid photos only, I believe this is down to many photographers misleading future couples just to get the bookings by advertising and promising that they are CANDID photographers.

So I want to take this opportunity to explain in my own words about CANDID photography.

Candid photography is a style of photography where we the photographer captures natural, unposed moments of our couples and their friends and family.

The main goal of candid photography is for us to capture you in a spontaneous and relaxed state, without you being aware of the camera. This can create a more authentic and intimate representation of the real you, as opposed to posed or staged photography.

Candid photography can be achieved at during certain times during the wedding, mainly during preparation, the ceremony, cocktail reception, speeches and then on the dance floor. It often involves us trying to stay out your way and unnoticed, so that you are not disturbed or influenced by the presence of us the photographers and we are not telling you where to stand or what to do.

Candid photography requires skill in anticipating and capturing fleeting moments, as well as an eye for composition and lighting. It can be a challenging but rewarding style of photography that can capture the essence of a moment or a person in a unique way.

We, like all photographers, can call ourselves CANDID photographers, but our couples need to be aware that during certain times especially the couples shoot that the moments we capture will be mainly posed photos, they will be times we can capture that CANDID moment in-between those posed moments, but if any photographer tells you that the whole session will be CANDID please don’t believe them.

During these times we will pose you, we make these moments look CANDID as possible. We have spent years mastering the art of directing you, putting you in scenarios that help make you feel relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera, that in turn will make your photos look CANDID but remember they will be POSED.

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