This is the first of our new “Hints & Tips Blog” and in this issue, we wanted to start with our step-by-step guide on things to check when booking your Cyprus Photographer. 

So you’ve spent a long time doing your research and you’ve fallen in love with a photographer’s style, they’re available on your wedding date and you’re ready to book….

Step 1: Make sure they issue you a contract? 

We believe having a contract is essential and you shouldn’t book a photographer without one.  A wedding photography contract is a binding agreement between a couple and their photographer and it should outline the photographer’s responsibilities, deliverables, and policies, including payment timing or rescheduling. The contract is also in place if the unthinkable does happen and something goes wrong in the lead-up, on your wedding day, or after you have tied the knot, this way you have an agreement to refer back to, to try and resolve any issues. Without a contract, you will unlikely be covered by Cypriot law if there is a breach of contract and it cannot be resolved between the two parties.

Check the contract outlines the following:

  • Wedding Day Information
  • Payment Terms
  • Image Delivery Timeline
  • Rescheduling Parameters
  • Working Hours
  • Copyright Specifications
  • Model Release.

Step 2: An Invoice & Receipt 

Your photographer should always issue you an invoice and receipt for both the non-refundable booking fee/deposit and the final balance. Before paying any non-refundable booking fee, if your photographer doesn’t send it, you should always request an invoice for the amount, this should include details such as:

  • The photographer’s name or company name and address.
  • Invoice number
  • Date of invoice
  • VAT tax number
  • Payment details
  • Description of services/package

You need to know what you’re paying for, if your photographer does not supply an official invoice, it may mean they are not legal to work here or are not VAT registered and alarm bells should start to ring!

Step 3: Payments 

Make sure you know how much the non-refundable booking fee is & when it’s due.  Once you have paid your non-refundable booking fee to secure your date, we suggest you should refer back to the contract to see when the balance is due. Our advice is NOT to pay any balance to your photographer until the due date, if you pay your photographer too far in advance and something happens in the meantime you may have an issue getting a refund.

Step 4: Are they VAT registered, make sure you ask for their VAT number.  

Any photographers worth booking here in Cyprus will very likely be earning over the CY VAT threshold so if your chosen photographer is unable to supply an invoice with a CY VAT number then this should start the alarm bells ringing, it may mean that they are not legal to work in Cyprus or are not paying taxes, so continue at your own risk.

Step 5:  Are they legal to work in Cyprus? 

Since Brexit, the rules have changed for Brits working abroad especially within the EU so it’s very important to check if your photographer is not Cypriot that they are registered to work here in Cyprus, and have the correct work permit or resident permit. If they have a CY VAT number,  It’s likely they are registered to work with the appropriate authorities however if they only have a UK VAT number then we suggest asking to see their CY work permit from the social office of the area your wedding will take place.

The above outlines what we here at Lee Squirrell Photography consider to be very important when booking and paying your chosen Photographer so not only do you need to make sure that your chosen photographer is able to take those special photos but that they are working with the knowledge of CY Authorities, someone’s word is worth nothing so if they provide you with all of the above then consider they have taken all the required steps to work and pay taxes here.

So having said all this ……


We are fully registered to live & work here in Cyprus, we are VAT registered, you’ll find our VAT number on any invoice we send you.  We will always supply you with a detailed contract, and we’ll never ask for the balance to be paid until the due date as per your contract.

So before booking any photographer please take a moment or two to

read our advice, do your research, don’t be afraid to ask questions, and don’t forget anyone who is not happy to answer them may have something to hide, so protect yourself and your money!

Thanks for reading… in our next Hint and Tips blog we will be covering …….. ‘How many photos will I receive.’

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