How many photos will I receive

Welcome back to our “Hints & Tips Blog” in this issue, we’re covering one of the most popular questions we get asked. “How Many Photos Will I Receive?”  

The answer to this question really depends on the package that you have chosen and what that package is designed to capture, but let’s talk about our most popular package which is our full day  package which covers up to 10 hours of continuous shooting time.  

In our brochure we list that this package includes 500 + hi-res images edited in our signature style & selected by us, so what does this mean…..

Once we’ve downloaded all the photos taken on the day, this is usually thousands of images, don’t forget there are two photographers each with two cameras, so this is when we will do what is referred to in the business as a “CULL” this is where we remove all the photos; 

  • Where people are not looking at us when they should be
  • Are pulling funny faces 
  • Have their eye closed 
  • Have a shadow over them 
  • Are looking awkward 
  • Etc the list is endless but you’re getting the idea….. 

Next, we look at the duplicate photos so when we take a photo we may take 2 sometimes 3 of the same image especially when it comes to group photos – so we then go through all these and pick the best of these duplicates. 

This process slowly whittles down the number of images from thousands to hundreds. 

Then it’s time to choose the 500 + images that best tell your wedding story as it unfolded on the day, we then edit and deliver these photos to you. 

When you compare our listed 500+ photos this may not sound a lot as many other photographers will tell you that they will deliver 700+ images this may be true HOWEVER you’ll find what happens is the number of images is made up of duplicate images with the most minor difference or duplicate images converted into black & white. So in fact the amount of individual unique photos you get is actually approx 400-500 images and approx 200 – 300 duplicates.

We will very rarely duplicate images and only convert an image to black & white when we feel the image will be enhanced by editing in this way.  Most of the time when we are taking a photo we already know how that this image will look better edited so at the time the photo is taken, we will have the light perfect for either a colour image or a black & white image. 

As always, we suggest you choose quality over quantity.

Thanks again for reading… in our next Hint and Tips blog we will be covering ……. Why 2 photographers are better than 1. 

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